Michigan Authors at the Lakeshore (authors & publishers)


Application (Authors & Publishers)

Michigan Authors is pleased to host another author extravaganza this July.

Muskegon, Michigan is home to the annual Lakeshore Art Festival, named one of the top 200 events in the country. This year again, we expect a wonderful turnout with over 250 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors during the two day festival (www.LakeshoreArtFestival.org).

Last year 30 authors from all over Michigan participated in this event.  In fact, we maxed out the facility and couldn’t accept any more.  This year will be even better and we’ll have even more authors and publishers.  Why?  Because we found an even better place to host our event.

This year we’ll be at the Frauenthal Theater in its beautiful lobby along Western Avenue.  This facility is perfect for us.

It’s located in the exact center of the Lakeshore Art Festival and every one of those 50,000 visitors will pass in front of this grand theater at least once during the day.  We plan to rent the marquis so we can put “Michigan Authors Inside” (or some similar announcement).  What a great location and great visibility.

Visitors will enter the main doors of the Frauenthal and turn into the Western Avenue lobby which runs along the side of the building shown above.

The event goes from Friday, July 7 (10-6) to Saturday, July 8 (10-6).

Here’s the deal:

  • We have 52 half-tables available for authors (half-tables are 3′ x 2.5′).
  • Registration prices:
    1) One half-table for both Friday and Saturday is only $60. Yep, that’s $30 per day.
    2) Or you can get a full table for both days for $110. $55 per day.
    3) And if you do the Early Bird Registration, you can save more (see below)
  • If you can only do one day, we’ll put you on a reserve list (in case we can’t find enough authors to fill the two-day slots).
  • We’re also inviting applications from small publishers who want a full table for both days. Two people maximum. Fee for both days is $125.

the-promoterSo what are we doing with the money we charge you? The majority is going to the Frauenthal to pay for the room, but virtually everything else is going into advertising and promotion. We plan to bring in lots of those 50,000 people so we can sell them some books.

We made a commitment to the Lakeshore Art Festival to cross-promote their event, and they’ve promised to do the same for us.  Win, win.

At the request of our sponsors, book covers and promotional material must be family-friendly.  This is, after all, a family event, and we promised to respect it.  This doesn’t mean book covers have to be G-rated, but it does mean displays, book covers, etc. should be PG-13.  Just ask if you aren’t sure. 

Reserve your spot today!

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[If what you are looking for isn’t available, select the Standby List so we can contact you about any spots that may open (cancellations, etc.).]