Code of Conduct

We ask all participants in Michigan Author events to follow our Code of Conduct policy.

Vintage-Etiquette-Image-11Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

  • Smile.  It’s contagious.
  • When customers are relaxed, they’re more open and more likely to buy.  Give them a chance to move easily around the room and from table to table.

Mutual Respect

  • If an author is speaking with someone, give them the chance to make their pitch.  Wait until the visitor comes to your table before engaging them.
  • Encouraging visitors to check out other authors you think they might like is not only helpful, but a very nice thing to do.

Stay in Your Zone

  • Customers must feel free to circulate (especially important if the room is crowded).  So, please stay in the immediate area of your table.
  • Let them come to you.

Aggressive Selling

  • Remember, if customers feel challenged or given a hard-sell, they’re likely to leave.  That hurts us all.


  • When things are quiet, take the time to meet your fellow authors.  You may find opportunities to share ideas and more.  After all, who understands us better than another author?


Failure to follow this policy may result in the individual being asked to leave the event.  It is likely to result in denying that individual the opportunity to participate in future events.

Permission granted to print and distribute this list as long as is listed as the source.