Cashier System

For the Michigan Authors to participate in the book signing event during the Lakeshore Art Festival, we were required to purchase a selling permit from the City of Muskegon. This means all sales during our event must go through us.  No exceptions.  No other sales during the Festival are permitted by the City of Muskegon.

So, here’s how it will work:

TICKETS:  We will provide 11″ long colorful sales tickets.  You write your table number and the price of your book on the ticket.  (We encourage you to add your name, book title, etc., to the ticket as well.)

BOOKS:  Keep your supply of books at your table.

  • PRICES:  You set whatever price you want for your books.
  • TICKETS:  Make out a ticket for each book you give out.  Even if you offer a free book, that book should have a ticket with your Author ID and $0 price on it.

SALES:  When you make a sale, sign the book and include a ‘ticket’ with the book.

  • CHECKS:  You have the option to approve a customer’s check for purchase of your book by noting it on the ticket.  Otherwise, we will only accept cash or credit/debit cards.  For checks, we will check ID and record their phone number on the check.  If the check does not clear, it will be deducted from your payments along with any bank fees that may be incurred.  We will turn this over to you for whatever followup you deem appropriate.
  • OTHER ITEMS:  If you have book-related items for sale (bling, promotional items, etc.), you are welcome to use a ticket for them.
  • RECORDS:  Keep your own record of your sales.  You can compare your results with the cashier later.

PAYMENT:  Your customer will pay for the book (and any others they purchase) when they leave.  We will charge Michigan Sales Tax.  Our system will record each sale by table number and price of the item only.  We will retain the ‘ticket’ for our records.

  • Michigan Authors will retain 10% of the sales price to cover our costs for the city sales permit, credit card fees, sales tax, bank fees, postage and mailings, and accounting fees.

NO OTHER SALES PERMITTED:  No sales, other than through the our cashiers, are allowed at this event.  No exceptions.  This is an ordinance of the City of Muskegon.

TAXES:  Michigan Authors will pay sales tax for all books sold at this event.  We are the retailer, and you are the wholesaler – similar to a consignment sale.  You are not obligated to pay sales tax on any of your sales.

DISCLAIMER:  It’s been our experience with central cashier events that customers are honest and pay for what they purchase.  Nevertheless, Michigan Authors cannot take responsibility for any sales that did not go through the cashier.  If you’re concerned about whether or not a customer will make it to the cashier, keep an eye on them.

AUTHOR PAYMENTS:  Two weeks following the event, based on revenue received, we will send out checks to the authors to the address we have on file.  If an author accepted checks, we may delay sending by a week to make sure the checks clear.  Note that bounced checks or reversed credit card charges are not considered ‘revenue received.’

If you need to contact us about payments, you can contact Marge at  She’ll be happy to help you out.