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From Kerri Snowdin, Editor, Coopersville Observer:  My readers and I have enjoyed Connie’s poetic “A Thought for Today”, as she has been submitting them to my biweekly publications for several years now. This is a compilation of those thoughts as well as many new ones, and I think the readers of this collection of Connie’s will enjoy these poetic thoughts over and over again as well.

Deb Sloan of the Senior Times of Grand Haven, Holland area, calls it “thought – provoking, uplifting and just plain fun. No matter my morning mood i once I’ve read Connie Jarks’s ‘A Thought for Today’, the sun seems to shine a little brighter, the birds sing louder, and world is a better place. And now we have them in a lovely book. Read them, share them and, as Connie often advises, go and cherish your day.”

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Or contact the author by email: conniejarka@frontier.com

Genres: Inspirational, Poetry
ISBN: 9780692762288
List Price: $15.00
About the Author
Connie Jarka

2009 began a series of writings for me that continue to this day on the morning emails a list of people when someone shows interest and e mails me i add them to the list. after about almost ten years i was approached by an editor from the poet society to put a group of the 'thoughts for today' in a book. so the little book of hope was born. These stories and these poems are for all people, young and old, and for all moments of time as encountered by myself and written from the old desk at the old window in the old almost 100 year old farm house on an old retired up pick blueberry farm as i move across the years of time. Take a moment to view them to find a verse of comfort or lift to your day and go and be! and Cherish the day no matter how it is for remember it will never come again... connie mc donald jarka.