The Story of Q

The Story of Q

A portal into another world...

A tween book series filled with delightful discoveries, colorful characters, science and bit of history, all wrapped up in 205 pages!

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About the Book

In book one of, The Story of ‘Q’, ten-year-old Rachael Lexington, lives with her parents and  six-year-old sister, Melanie. She is a fifth-grader and excellent student at Neil Armstrong Elementary School. She loves learning new things, meeting new people and shares her father’s love of science and astronomy.

One day while attending the annual garage sale event in her neighborhood, she stumbles upon a porcelain letter ‘Q’ and cannot understand why she feels compelled to buy it. However, she convinces herself to make the purchase, for it just happens to match the decor of her newly re-decorated bedroom. Embarrassed that others may think it too childish, the ‘Q’ remains stuffed in her closet for weeks, until she has the nerve to display it on her desk.

Weeks later her best friend Jenny, spends the night at Rachael’s house, when they accidentally discover that the ‘Q’ may be more than a simple decorative item, after her little sister mysteriously goes missing later that night.

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A fast & fun read that draws you into the story & characters; I had planned to read just part of it last evening, but stayed up late to finish it. The writer has a wonderful folksy style without being corny. I especially liked two educational items interwoven into the story: the use of occasional challenging vocabulary (no need to stop to look up a word in order to make sense of it) & a few scientific & geographical references (which teach a few facts along the way, are integral to the story, & add interest). Looking forward to Volume 2!

Series: The Story of Q, Book 1
Genres: Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Illustrator: Karla Rado Richey
ASIN: B017701KZ4
ISBN: 9780692552315
List Price: 10.95
eBook Price: 3.99
About the Author
Marion J Chard

Marion lives in a rural town in northern Michigan with her husband Lee. Among her numerous interests are writing, history, music, cooking, science, perennial gardening, photography, website design, reading, remodeling/redecorating, and volunteering in her community. The word ‘boredom’ does not exist in her dictionary.

She has a great sense of humor and loves to surround herself with like-minded friends and family.

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