FRANCESCA is a beautifully illustrated, whimsical book about friendship and acceptance.

Francesca is a charming, clever story of a pampered basset hound who cares a lot about herself and her Annie, ...and that’s it. Then, one night, she spies an odd creature outside her window and it causes her curious heart to battle her stubborn mind.

Will Francesca step out of her very comfy comfort zone and learn the biggest lesson of her life?

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About the Book

Francesca is a charming story about a pampered and humorously dramatic basset hound’s discovery of life outside her small world. One night she catches a glimpse of a grungy creature outside her window and this moment initiates a battle between her heart and her stubborn mind.

With the help of her human, Annie, the underlying themes of appreciation, acceptance, valuing others, friendship and genuine love become exposed in this delightfully poetic book.

The beautiful and whimsical illustrations easily draw the reader into the story while the clever, metered tale engages and entertains.

Genres: Children's Literature, Poetry
ASIN: 0997959304
ISBN: 0997959304
List Price: $9.95 paperback $18.95 hardcover
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About the Author
Sarah H. Barnard

Sarah Barnard was born and raised on the shores of Lake Michigan, a setting that emulates beauty and encourages discovery. Sarah grew up in a home that nurtured reading, learning, and treasuring all living things. In sixth grade, this curious, artistic girl discovered creative writing and thrived, which lead to her 'first publishing' - a poem requested for the middle school yearbook.

These factors paved the way for her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, and serve her well in her job as the media clerk at a local elementary school library. They also factor in with another passion - photography. Sarah has been a professional photographer for nearly twenty years and loves exposing unobserved beauty in the landscape and inner beauty in portraiture.

Sarah’s parents, husband, three incredible daughters and grand-daughter are extremely important elements in her personal growth and story.