J. Michael McFadden

John is a Walter Mitty of writers – dreaming of publishing but never taking the final steps! Mesmerized by Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, John wrote his first sleuthing story at age 14. Critical reviews by his buddy increased the Mitty effect, but the dream to be like Doyle or, later, JK Rowling, grew.

As an editor of his HS paper, John honed his writing skills. Doubt led him to only minor in English and major in engineering. He moved to Muskegon, MI to work for an aerospace firm and raise a family of 3 children – reveling in bedtime story requests. His inner Muse led him to enroll in the Institute of Children’s Literature, allowing him to fashion several short stories and two novels – and he published NONE of them — until NOW!

Nurturing his writing instincts by creating the Writer’s Exchange group at Barnes & Noble, he finally escaped the Mitty syndrome by scaling his first publication of “Deidre’s Dawn” under the guidance and direction of Argon Press. And “Rising Darkness” will follow next year. The third installment of the Enchantment trilogy still dances in his head.

Deidre’s Dawn: Book 1 of The Enchantment

Deidre’s Dawn: Book 1 of The Enchantment

$14.95eBook: $ 4.99

During the first millenium year, young Deidre and her friend Culain love reading ancient manuscripts in their Abbey studies -- even helping the good monk Angus re-do bindings and repair vellum pages. But are there dark secrets in these stories? Especially their favorite-- the Book of Invasions, the saga of the forming years of Ancient Ireland, including their own Ulster. Is Abbess Brigit right that tales of the Tuatha race, the great heroes of yore, and ancestors of the magical faeries are mostly myth? Culain believes the sagas are true.

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