Author Interviews with APN TV Media

IMG_3007Author Publishers Network TV Media, a non-profit organization based in Southeastern Michigan, has asked us to provide them with a list of authors to interview on their TV shows.

APN TV Media is particularly interested in helping authors gain more recognition and visibility for their work.

We’re delighted to help.

To assist in this effort, we’re asking anyone interested to complete an Author Profile, so we have uniform data for selecting good candidates.  Once we’ve identified authors who meet APN’s general criteria, we will forward their contact information to APN for further consideration.
IMG_3008In most cases, they will call you to discuss your book(s) and your interests before making a decision to invite you on the show.

At this time, they anticipate doing two one-hour shows per month.  Typically, two authors are invited for each show.  The shows are taped in Monroe, Michigan, so most people will be expected to travel to the studio for taping.  Exceptions may be made for remote participation, but they prefer to do their interviews in the studio.


Start here:   Complete the Author Profile



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