Website Hosting


We will offer website hosting, domain name registration, and limited support for you to develop your own website for your author activities.


We will help you establish a website for your books and author activities.  This does not include creating the website for you, but we’ll provide you with the tools you need and limited assistance, which includes:

  1. Creating a hosting account on a high quality web server.  It uses cPanel, which is the top web hosting control panel.
  2. Installing WordPress software for you to use in building your website.  This is the most popular development tool on the Internet and is used by most authors.  It has a huge range of plugins (mostly free) that you can use to enhance your website.
  3. Registering a domain name for you.  It will be renewed annually with your hosting services at no additional cost.
  4. Providing limited tech support if you encounter server-related problems.