Author: Deanna J. Compton

Deanna writes fantasy fiction for young adults and adults from the comfort of her home in Muskegon, Michigan. She began writing many years ago and found a passion for story-telling. Putting words together in a manner that paints images with the imagination is what she loves to do best. She self-published her first trilogy, Freecurrent, and is currently working on a new series titled Human Nature, which mixes fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian.

She is a mom and wife and business owner and has a diversity of pets. Deanna grew up in Muskegon but has lived in Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Lexington and Roscommon before returning back home.

When she is not reading or writing, Deanna loves to feed her soul by spending time at the lake and driving her classic red convertible.

Book Site:

Freecurrent I:  The Legacy

Freecurrent I: The Legacy

$14.95 / $2.99
When a young woman finds her grandmother’s diary and begins to read about a woman she never knew, she is suddenly thrust into an adventure that leads inevitably to her destiny in a magical realm. More info →
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Freecurrent II:  Descendants

Freecurrent II: Descendants

The dragons of Risen have disappeared without a trace. Their fate depends on Jesse and her friends to find a solution to the crisis before it is too late. More info →
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Freecurrent III:  Dynasty

Freecurrent III: Dynasty

$12.95 / $2.99
Jesse’s family and friends are in jeopardy as Candaz uses all of his resources to acquire dominance and power. Good and evil collide in the action packed conclusion of the Freecurrent trilogy. More info →
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